My Juice Fast Journey: Day 7

I have had numerous realisations about myself while doing this juice fast. Once of the biggest ones came to me this evening. I have been depriving myself of the joyful things in life for many years. I have allowed my bright, beautiful and loving self to be dimmed from shining radiantly. A failed relationship many […]

My Juice Fast Journey: Day 6

I woke up rather sluggishly this morning after another sleepless night. I’m feeling down-in-the-dumps and that feeling has been skirting around my mental thoughts for the last few days. I do have pressing things on my mind, and I wonder if they in and of themselves are the reasons for my melancholy or the juice […]

My Juice Fast Journey: Day 3

I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. The tiredness in my body is very present. I was up early to go to the local farmers markets to purchase some more fruits and veges. Thankfully it’s only a short 13min walk each way. I personally wasn’t doing any treatments today, though I did […]