I’ve come to realise that I’m blind and I use a white cane and my eyes cross and I don’t see as well as others. My life partner will need to accept my blindness from the first moment we meet. I used to hide it and pretend I wasn’t blind, though that’s pretty hard to […]

The Starfish Story

We know there are many people in this world doing great and admirable acts of humanity to change the current world situation. Is this really possible? It can sometimes seem quite a hopeless pursuit (if the doomsayers and negative souls on Social Media have the authoritative word). This is a story that you have probably […]

The Gifts That Parents Give Us

We might bitch about our parents being awful and judge them to be less-than-average as parents and think, “they could’ve done better” and treat them according to all those defamatory factors. That will only keep barriers in place that prevents a great and honest relationship from developing with the people who have the richest gifts […]

The gift of sight…

Being able to see clearly, is a gift that nearly all humans take for granted. It’s only when your eyesight diminishes, that you become a little bit aware that being able to have clear vision is a bonus in life. In order to correct that anomaly, you get glasses (or contact lens) to improve what […]