My Juice Fast Journey: Day 3

I really didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. The tiredness in my body is very present. I was up early to go to the local farmers markets to purchase some more fruits and veges. Thankfully it’s only a short 13min walk each way.

I personally wasn’t doing any treatments today, though I did need to be home to greet clients when they came in first thing early in the morning. So, i needed to be diligent about getting back in time.

Once home, I churned out a yummy juice and talked with a friend about my health journey. This juice was my own concoction. It’s a combination of fresh watermelon, fresh mint leaves, 1 peeled lime and 1cup of coconut water. (I used half a watermelon. When chopped up it filled the blender jug to the top – before being processed that is) This was blended rather than juiced. Beautiful taste!

My son Josh came in to do a treatment and his first comment was, “You lost weight!” Thanks Josh. I feel there’s been a change in my body, I have no idea how much weight I’ve let go of. I’ll do the weigh-in tomorrow.

Another friend arrived and her first words were, “Let’s go for coffee.” Yayyy….Noooo….I had a juice/tea combination. Very clever idea. It was cold-pressed apple juice with a peppermint tea. Quite refreshing! I can make that one at home. My friend had a big breakfast and I so wanted to help her eat it. Would that be rude?

My determination to succeed with this juice fast is monumental. I keep thinking of the perseverance I had when I walked from Brisbane to Byron last year to raise money for my charitable trip to Bangladesh. I keep thinking to myself, if I could do that walk, then I can do this easily…so I’d like to think. I’m doing this journey for me this time. And yes, I’m just as important as the sick and disabled kidlets I work with overseas, yet currently it’s not resonating as soundly as a need that requires this level of self-consideration. And maybe that’s just the detoxing that’s going on inside me talking here. Or maybe it’s my saboteur.

Next was a meeting in the afternoon, where a friend was giving a talk. I had been busy with my previous catch-up that I hadn’t partaken of another juice. I couldn’t juice at home because of clients having their treatments, so off to the city and a Boost Juice. I drank that down so quickly, I must have been hungry. It was when I came home later in the afternoon that I made another juice, this was a Cabala juice. One of the therapists that works with me, Gaelle and another friend, Adrian tried the juice too. They really enjoyed it. After they left I made another one and drank half of it before I went to bed. 

A friend, Colleen (she’s an awesome naturopath), suggested a formula of maple syrup, lemon juice and water to help quell coffee cravings, which I’ve been having incessantly. It’s rather illogical for my body to be having them because I normally only drink 1-2 cups of coffee a week when I’m out socialising. Certainly that amount of coffee doesn’t qualify for an addiction. Yet, my mind is taking over my thinking in ways that are ludicrous and totally irrational at times. Arghhh….

One thing I’ve noticed, is that if I drink the juice after 8.30 at night, I have trouble falling asleep because I’m too hyped up. So tonight, I just made it with minutes to spare. Hope I sleep better than last night…wide awake and listening to….um….nothing (it’s very quiet here at night). If I get up, I’ll be even more awake, then be tireder the next day. Breathe…breathe…breathe….slowly, methodically, until I drop off to the Land of Nod.


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