My Juice Fast Journey: Day 5

You know how I said that drinking a juice after 8.30 at night keeps me awake for hours when I go to bed? I didn’t heed my own advice last night. By the time I finished the tomato juice it was around 9.30. Oh well, a night of sleeplessness is nothing new for me. At least there were no headaches this time. I made a point of drinking plenty of water throughout the day and evening.

I slept in this morning (I needed the sleep) and pottered around the house. I made a watermelon-mint-lime juice (more a blended juice). It’s a great one to wake me up. Gaelle came in just after I finished making it and shared it with me.

I feel more human today. I have more energy and I feel less lethargic. My joints are freeing up as I can literally run up and down my stairs without pain. It also means my heart is healing too because I’m no longer huffing and puffing from that little bit of exertion on the stairs. That’s a sweet bonus. It’s about time I healed my heart. It’s been in a sorry state for many years. And yes, both my physical and emotional heart have been neglected over the years. And now, they are both being rejuvenated. That’s what loving myself is all about…giving to me what I often give to others.

I walked to a podiatrist appointment at Kelvin Grove. The young attendant, Zoe, was also a fully qualified naturopath, while she studied podiatry at QUT. One of the challenges I have being severely vision-impaired is I’m unable to cut my toenails without chopping off bits of toe. Much better if someone else does it, and not as painful. So, Zoe dutifully attended to clipping my toenails and removing built-up callouses around scar tissue on the soles of my feet. I asked her about the dry skin that had suddenly appeared around my heels since I started the juice fast. She mentioned that my body requires fats to help successfully remove the toxins from my body (the fats bind to the toxins and are flushed out of the body) and since I was only consuming fruits and veges, I needed to incorporate fats into the juices (blended juices or smoothies). Flax seeds, flax oil, chia seeds or avocadoes are all good choices she said. I can do that, I thought, as I noticed there were some juices that had these ingredients in them.

Once back home, I made a juice with Figs and Avocadoes. Rather decadent I thought, and really delicious and filling. So filling that I had to lie down and nap while my body processed this liquid banquet. I slept rather solidly for two hours. I must have needed it.

In the late afternoon, I chatted to a friend about the gorgeous sunset that was unfolding before us. The drink I had while we nattered on was a cold tea and pear juice combo. Mariage Freres Marco Polo French tea is so delightful just on its own, yet melds beautifully with pear juice. It would have been better to have cold pressed pear juice, though I blended the pears with a cup of coconut water, then, mixed it into the cold tea. Still yummy though.


I had some watermelon-mint-lime juice left over, so had a glass of that for dinner, rather than make up another whole juice. I wasn’t feeling very hungry tonight.

As I write this blog, I occasionally cup my face in my hands while the thoughts drop into my consciousness. I noticed how soft my skin feels. It’s like I’ve moisturised my skin all over. Woo hoo….that’s another benefit I hadn’t expected. All these sweet blessings are very welcome indeed.

What juice can I have tomorrow to whet my appetite and fulfil it to satisfaction? If you have any favourite juice or blends that you enjoy, I’d love to hear from you. I’m open to trying new flavours and combinations.

Here’s to your good health….dum jok (cheers in Laos) Eleni ♥



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