My Juice Fast Journey: Day 7

I have had numerous realisations about myself while doing this juice fast. Once of the biggest ones came to me this evening. I have been depriving myself of the joyful things in life for many years. I have allowed my bright, beautiful and loving self to be dimmed from shining radiantly. A failed relationship many years ago plummeted me into a state of numbness from giving and feeling love for me.

This fast is really releasing some deep, long-held emotions and metaphysical responses. It’s all good, “better out, than in” I say. After all, this fast is meant to detox and clear out stuff that is no longer serving me, so I can move onto the next level of awareness and growth, both physically and spiritually. It also means I’ll be in the best place energetically to serve the needs of the ongoing future global work with Oasis Health Foundation.

Another observation is that I’m looking at restaurants every day and thinking how I’d like to eat at them. Now that could purely be because I am only having juices and I’m missing whole foods, however, I noticed something more with this. I have had ample opportunity to go to these restaurants and eat there, yet I didn’t. What was holding me back? I deprived myself from going to restaurants saying I didn’t have the money, except in actual fact, I’ve really been depressing my appetite for the sweet opportunities in life. I’m not saying that going to restaurants is the only enjoyment in my life, however, what I’m bringing attention to is the limiting belief I have had that I don’t deserve to enjoy good  things. Once again, depriving myself of love. It could also be that I would rather eat out with someone rather than being alone (reading the menu in dimmed lighting is rather a challenge). Wow! There are definitely going to be some major changes happening in my life over the next weeks and months.

I woke up feeling rather normal today. Maybe it also had to do with getting 10hours sleep (with only one toilet stop). Though I think something has shifted within me. I feel happier and more at peace, even with things that are current challenges in my life.

Breakfast consisted of a juice at a produce market shop. (Gaelle was working on a client and the juicer would have disrupted the energy somewhat) When I asked the assistant about what juices they had, he read the list and the ingredients out. I chose one that had watermelon and pineapple in it. I didn’t hear what the other ingredients were. Next time I’ll ask for clear details. I had the juice and decided that it was too sweet for me, and I asked them afterwards what the ingredients were. They had added a neutral sorbet – basically a frozen sugar and water mix. That was the extra sweetness I was tasting. I do like some sugar, yet too much turns me off.

A word of warning for those of you intending to do a juice fast, when having juices from retail shops, know exactly what is going into the juices. Some shops add sugar in many innocuous forms. And lots of ice to water the juices down. I ask for no ice in my juices because I prefer them cool rather than cold. That means I will get mostly juice instead of extra water.

After treating a client, I churned out a “Mean, Green Juice,” one of Joe Cross’ ones. And I have to say, it was rather mean in taste. The recipe says two apples and I misread that and only put one in. It was quite tart, although drinkable. I guess that means it’s doing me good, eh?

My drink of choice tonight was a fig and avocado one. I needed the fat from the avocado, and a drink that had mostly vegetable content and less sweet. I’m really sensing that I need to have more vege-based juices, and that was even before I had many comments from those that read the last blog and suggested more veges than fruit in my juices. Thank you all for your loving responses. I am listening and taking it all on board.

Another fascinating effect of the juice fast is the hot flushes I have been having (menopause is a bugger sometimes), have reduced in fire and intensity. Prior to the fast, they were like habanero heat and now they are more like jalapeno flushes. They were coming every 30mins roughly, now only every couple of hours. I’m happy with that. My body must be resetting itself. Yayyyyy…..finally….

Here’s to your good health…tagay! (My Filipino friends will recognise this)

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