Day 8: the end of my Juice Fast Journey

What a day of contrasts! I awoke feeling good, confident, I had energy and was looking forward to seeing a couple of clients and having my biofeedback session with Gabriele Engstrom to see how my body is going with the juice fast and to re-balance me in preparation for my eye surgery on Tuesday next week.

I had a new juice today from Jason Vale’s website… It was a Minty Coconut Smoothie ( It was quite pleasant to drink, yet I noticed afterwards I was bloated. I didn’t think anything of it.

Comes my session with Gabriele and I mention to her that I had been on this juice fast for a week. Well, she told me quite sternly, that my body was in no fit state to be on a juice fast. Because of all the high stress I had accumulated over the last few years particularly, my body needed nurturing, not detoxing. And if I felt I wanted to clear out toxins, then it was best to do it gently, while still supporting my body’s needs and requirements.

She explained how the ingredients I was using in the juices was impacting on my body. I had no idea just how much of a delicate state my body was actually in, and how having these juices was causing major harm to my vital organs.

Don’t get me wrong, juice fasting is great for young, healthy bodies. However, I need to remember, I’m not a young person any more. I’m no longer 20 or 30 years old, when my body was at its peak. I’m in my 50’s, I’m going through menopause and I’ve neglected my body endlessly for years. It will take time to recover the health I once had in my youth. I’m being real here. Yes I believe I have another 60 odd years left on this planet, though if I don’t take care of me, I will be shortening that contract dramatically.

I was already aware that the juices I was consuming had too much sugar in them for my body’s needs. Even many of my friends had alerted me to that. I had been doing my best to reduce the fruit in the juices, though obviously, not enough.

I was intuitively picking up my body needed protein, which I thought was unusual since the leafy green vegetables actually contain protein. Ahhhh….here’s the catch, because my intestines are so weak, they have trouble assimilating certain nutrients, particularly plant protein. I had virtually no amino acids in my body. They are the building blocks of our cells and are obtained from protein sources.

This situation was not new to me. I had this same condition 5 years ago when I had mercury poisoning. I was vegan then, and the same thing happened. I was consuming bucket-loads of plant protein, yet my body wasn’t assimilating it. It was being flushed out. My body was actually eating itself by consuming the gut lining to supply my protein needs. Yukky, huh?

All the calcium I was having in foods and in supplements was running free throughout my body because there was no protein to bind to it and flush out the excess. Therefore, it was depositing in my joints (you know those creaky joints you get, that’s calcium build-up), in my heart muscle (which I now have faulty valves in my heart which pump incorrectly, causing me to feel like I’m having a heart attack, particularly when I’m stressed) and here’s the kicker….the excess calcium deposits on the lens of the eyes causing cataracts. Go figure.

My upcoming eye surgeries to remove cataracts and replace them with new lens all stemmed from my gut not being able to assimilate food properly. And that was caused by massive stress in my life over many years.

If there is anything you get from these blogs I have written over the last 8 days, this is it….Stress is indeed a killer! I’ve warned you here.

Reduce your stress in any way you can. Do not allow it to build up and build up in your life. It may be terrifying to let go of the stressful situations for fear of unknown or preconceived circumstances that you feel would be worse to face. Losing your health is a much, much worse fate, and often much harder to recover from. Talk to a trusted health professional or close friend that is non-attached to your situation for help. I had done that, received the advice and ignored it, thinking I knew better. How arrogant and foolish I have been!

It brings me back to what I said in my last blog that I had been depriving myself of loving and giving to me. This is another incident where this was highlighted in full technicolour.

I had been feeling low throughout the fast, and thought that was just a part of the detoxing going on. Oh no, it was actually too much kale depressing my thyroid which in turn was causing depression. There were other factors too, such as no fats and oils for optimal brain function or hormone production, along with my liver and gallbladder starting to shut down. All my major organs had been compromised prior to the juice fast, and now there is further deterioration due to the juice fast.

I have ended my juice fast. I will continue to have a daily juice and smoothie, though I will balance my healthy eating with one or two regular meals as well.

My advice to any of you intending of going on a juice fast or detox, is get a check-up first from a trusted health professional, like a naturopath.

I didn’t do that, because I thought I knew enough about health to get me through this. However, I didn’t listen to my body’s innate wisdom along this journey. I was finding the fast quite tough, yet still didn’t put the pieces together that it was actually my body telling me to stop. I am grateful to Gabriele for being so tough with me.

This is a link to a website dedicated to nutrition and has detailed information about protein, along with all other nutrients. Great site. (

Thank you for your support, love and comments. I appreciate you all for this learning curve.

Here’s to your good and long-lived health…. à votre santé (that’s French for cheers), Eleni ♥


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