“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” Lao Tzu

My eye surgery tomorrow to remove a cataracted lens from my right eye and replace it with an intra-ocular toric lens, is such a journey. Where will this path lead for me personally and spiritually? Ahhh, the possibilities are endless. Until that potential is unleashed, I can only surmise the dramatic trajectory that this adventure will take me on. (The second surgery on my left eye will happen within the next 8weeks)

On a purely physical level, having two eyes both working together will mean that I get to have 3-D vision for the first time in my life. Instead of seeing my whole world play out on a 2-D visual screen of my own eye’s invention, I will see in minute (and probably slow-motion) detail the intricate flow of movement frame-by-frame. Due to “gaps” in my field of vision currently, my brain works overtime to magically fill in these gaps to create an image of whatever I am looking at. And because these images are motile, the energy required for my brain to process these impressions constantly and continuously in fluid motion is enormous. I am in awe of this amazing body I have. It always surprises me in its ability to keep me alive and upright and healthy as possible.

Does that mean my brain will be able to have a rest from having to do so much seeing, interpreting, rearranging and moving my body in sync with the images I see? No it won’t, as I will be seeing in a completely new and exciting way, a way previously unknown to my brain. It will require my brain to completely re-wire the connections from the images being seen to interpreting them (if possible), then to coming up with a name for what it’s seeing (because these are images or impressions my brain has no prior name for) and moving my body and limbs in congruence with all that. I’m unsure how else to explain this. The only analogy I can think of is; walking on clear ice over a lake for the first time in a tentative manner and having a sense that normally this action would put you in the water (because as humans we are unable to walk on water – unless of course you have a GOD complex hehehe), however, due to the tensile strength of the ice to carry your weight you step cautiously over the ice, constantly testing your every movement. As you do this, your brain is re-wiring this experience to one that you can safely attempt again because you were preserved this time.

That will be similar for my experience of seeing for the first time in a 3-D world with 3-D vision. I’m pretty excited by this prospect.

A number of people have asked me if having improved vision will diminish my skills as an intuitive healer. The answer is a definite no. I was born blind to develop my skills as the healer I am. Having greater physical vision will give me added perceptive sight that I currently don’t have. I see with in-sight now. I “see” within you. I will soon see with farsightedness….literally and spiritually. I smile with joy in my heart at this unfolding gift of wisdom being bestowed upon me at this time. This seed has been nurtured and now has space to germinate and grow to its fullest potential.

I bow in reverence and gratitude to the grace of the divine creative forces governing our universe. This journey is always a constant rhythm of ebb and flow, of peace and fiery passion, of lightness and shadow, of intuition and knowingness, of grace and humility….the first few steps are well underway.

Whatever you may be struggling with in your life, whatever challenges lay before you, whatever untimely decisions need to be made, look for the positives. For those that seek, the reward will be that they shall find that for which previously lay hidden. There is always another way, another possibility, another direction, another step that can be taken. Feel the fear and do it anyway. The blessings are immeasurable.

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