The benefits of Animal Bowen Therapy

Here’s a a couple of feel-good stories for all you animal lovers and pet-owners out there. As you know already, I do Bowen Therapy on humans and have been for 13 years now. What some of you may not be aware of, is that I also work on animals. I have been doing this from day one of learning Bowen.

Once I understood the principles of how Bowen Therapy works on the structures of the human body, I could easily apply that to animals. Their general bone, muscle and nerve make-up is similar to ours. And the results are remarkable!

Animals respond almost immediately to the movements being performed on their bodies. They don’t have the verbal dialogue going on inside their heads as to, “I’m unsure about this, will this work for me and my condition?”, “Will it hurt?”, “I hope she doesn’t notice that I haven’t shaved.” Oh yes, people actually have these thoughts and so much more….What you may be unaware of is many of the thoughts we have are self-sabotaging to our healing journey. Thankfully animals don’t have them.

The other cool action that animals do after a Bowen treatment, is they have a sleep almost straight after. This allows the treatment to keep integrating with their body’s normal healing intelligence. We humans are just way too busy to have a nap.

Here’s couple of experiences that I’ve had with pet-owners and their beloved pets.

“Hello, is this Eleni?” spoke the polite yet hesitant female voice.

“Yes it is. How may I help you?” I replied.

“I know you work on humans,  but do you work on dogs too?” She asked sounding hopeful.

“Yes, I do.”

In a tearful voice she told me the story of Sally.

“My brother has a German Shepherd. She’s 14years old. Her name is Sally. Her back legs are paralysed. She’s been like that for two weeks and she’s getting worse. We’ve tried everything; vet, chiro, physio, acupuncture; nothing’s worked. Can you help her?”

“That’ll depend on exactly what is causing the problem” I told her reassuringly. “There are many factors that can cause paralysis in the hind legs.” I asked a number of questions about Sally’s overall health leading up to her hind legs giving way along with possible scenarios and then likely causes. From what I gleaned, I established that the cause was a blockage or damage to the spinal nerves near the hind legs. I said I could probably help Sally, though it depended on how much damage to the nerves and muscles were present. I requested her brother call me. Which he did rather promptly.

I went to his home, which was only around the corner from where I lived. And there I met Sally. She looked at me sadly. She had almost given up hope of living. I knelt down beside her as she lay forlornly on her blanket and petted her gently, telling her in a soft motherly tone, I was going to help her. As I did this, I stroked her whole body, touching and reading the energy signals emanating from within her body structures.

After a few minutes, with her dad watching my every movement cautiously, I explained that Sally was dying. I could smell her internal organs decaying. As gently and carefully as I could, I expressed that the treatment I was about to do may not work, as she was too far gone in the breakdown of her body to bring her back to life, let alone good health.

I started working from the lower back and moved up the spine, watching, waiting for some signal that Sally’s body was responding to the treatment. I went back to the lower back and hind legs area to feel for lack of nerve innervation going to the legs. After correcting tightness in the muscles around the nerves, I tested the movement in her legs. There was a little bit. At the completion of the treatment, Sally seemed more alert and was licking me profusely as her way of saying, “Thank you.”

I asked her owner to let me know the next day how she was doing. I truly did not think she would last the night.

The very next morning, Sally’s dad called me excitedly. Sally was up walking around, going to the toilet and eating normally….it’s a miracle! He was so ecstatic! I have to say, so was I. I was amazed at Sally’s body to rally around and come good. He asked me when I could come again. I ended up giving Sally two treatments a week for 2 years. And to think the vet was wanting to put her out of her misery.

The next special client I have is Ollie. He’s a 6year old cavoodle. He’s so cute. His mum and dad had been referred to me by a friend of the family who is one of my clients. Ollie’s parents noticed for some weeks that he was jumping up on the lounge less and less. One day they came home and Ollie couldn’t climb the stairs. Touching around his left hind leg was sore for him. Their friend suggested to call me. Since Ollie is little, they brought him over for a treatment, rather than me visit them at their home.

I asked many questions about how long the symptoms of Ollie’s pain and lameness had been going on for and the circumstances leading up to it. Mum and dad were unsure of the onset of the lameness, though they did realise that he hadn’t been jumping as was usually the case.

I checked Ollie over by touching his body and feeling for the hot spots and the tightness in his body. I started the treatment at the lower back area and worked up the spine. As I worked around the left leg, I checked the movement in the leg and noticed that it was restricted somewhat. I isolated the muscles that were tight and loosened them. I continued to check around Ollie’s body for movement restrictions and loosening those too. Often when one limb becomes lame, the rest of the body compensates which puts extra pressure on those parts. These can become impaired and make it harder to unravel.

I asked after Ollie in the days after his treatment. His mum said that he was going upstairs and jumping on the lounge, just like he’s always done. He still comes to visit every now and again with his mum or dad and baby brothers. And he’s still cute as…

Figgy came to Oasis Health Centre via one of my housemates. He was an 11year old ginger and white cat. He had been neglected by his dying owner and had to be shaven almost completely, along with a full medical, neutering and needles. He was distressed and in desperate need of love. Well he received an endless amount of love being at the Centre. Clients, housemates and friends popping by would all shower love and attention on him in abundance. He even received Christmas presents from clients. When he realised that massages happened in the treatment room, he’d often hang out there when there were no clients. The energy of the room obviously was good. He would lay on the treatment table and look at me inquiringly, inviting me to give him a massage, which I dutifully did. He loves his massages. He sleeps for ages afterward. If ever his mum had a concern about him, I’d have a look and feel of him to make sure he was ok. He is such a healthy cat. A sensitive soul who cares about his human family strongly. I miss Figgy…

Here is a list of some of the ailments that Bowen can help with.

  • Muscular, tendon or ligament strains
  • Nerve issues
  • Skeletal or structural problems
  • Faster recovery and recuperation of illness or injury due to improved circulation
  • Colds/Flu, bladder/kidney infection, wound healing
  • Toxin or lactic acid build-up removal
  • Degenerative or growth disorders
  • Changes or fluctuations to their energy and frequencies due to fears or being in tune with their owners’ upsets
  • Or maybe you would just like to give your pet a relaxing treat.

If you have a pet that you think may benefit from receiving a Bowen treatment from me, Eleni, give me a call or send an email.


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