The Gifts That Parents Give Us

We might bitch about our parents being awful and judge them to be less-than-average as parents and think, “they could’ve done better” and treat them according to all those defamatory factors. That will only keep barriers in place that prevents a great and honest relationship from developing with the people who have the richest gifts available to teach us about ourselves.

On the flip-side, who of us can honestly admit to being the best sons and daughters to these parents? Who has spoken openly to friends about the faults of our parents in the way they brought us up? Have you not secretly wished to have had parents like the neighbors next door or like the celebrity parents that seem so real and genuine? Have you not craved for your parents to understand you, and treat you better? Get real all of you!

Your parents did the best they could with the resources they had (including the beliefs that were instilled in them by their parents) and the circumstances they chose at the time. They made mistakes in bringing you up, and some of them were huge. Stop holding onto those mistakes like a cross you have continually bear upon your shoulders.

You too will make mistakes. You will think and say awful things about your parents. Yet you expect them to forgive you for those grievances. You expect your parents to treat you nicely when you judge them so harshly. Why not start the process and be nice to them first, if only in your thought processes.

Carrying those judgements your whole life will become heavy over time. You will end up asking others to help carry them for you because they become too hard for you. Your own children, your significant other didn’t ask to sign up for that, yet you burden them with that anyway. And they will support you because they love you and want the best for you. Still, it’s not their cross to bear.

Make amends with your parents. Discover why you chose these two people to be your parents. Their characteristics and circumstances gave you the very best opportunity to start living your life with a complete set of lessons that would assist you to fulfil your life purpose. Look for the good in them. You will always find it, if your dare to look and seek the gifts within.


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