I’ve come to realise that I’m blind and I use a white cane and my eyes cross and I don’t see as well as others. My life partner will need to accept my blindness from the first moment we meet. I used to hide it and pretend I wasn’t blind, though that’s pretty hard to do since it’s so obvious, particularly when I get around with a white cane. So, I’m not hiding it anymore.

 The right man will turn up in my energy field and I will interact with him energetically and spiritually in a positive and joyful and experiential way that benefits both of us and to the fulfilment of our life purposes. Like me, he will be “looking” at the inner person, the spiritual being, rather than the outer form, and the fantasy of how it could be. I will see him as he truly is in that moment, a spirit being in a human body with emotions and feelings, without the romantic “knight-in-shining-armour” filters. I expect that he will be the same towards me, except he will have different filters that romanticise the possibilities, instead of being present to the actualities. These filters that are present for both of us will be let go of in order to pursue the truth of who we really are. And that’s the beauty and joy and potential of connecting and investing time together.

I’m patient to this whole unfolding process. While I wait, I’m focussing on getting to know me better, fully understanding my likes and dislikes, what brings me joy and what saddens me, what brings out the giggly little girl within and what manifests the concerned parent part of me. I’m unable to offer my best self, if I’m unaware of who she is. I trust that my life partner, my soulmate, will be doing the same, and is just waiting for the best moment to manifest the relationship. Embrace singleness while it lasts and learn to love the beautiful person you are. I am….

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