Everyone has a different normal

Ever heard someone say they feel normal? Or perhaps you’ve heard that everything is normal. What is normal to someone else, may not be your version of normal.

We all have a different perspective on what normal is for us alone. Yet, we expect that others will (or should) have the same idea on that perspective of normal too. And when people look confused or speak words that seem incongruent with our normal, we find it discouraging and annoying that “they” don’t get it like we do. We imagine there is something wrong with that person or their way of thinking.

Instead of assuming that another should be on your wavelength, ask the other person the question, “Is this your experience as well?” This question invites conversation and you get to know the thoughts, ideas and opinions of the other person. This may seem confronting to someone who just wants everyone to listen to them and agree with everything they say, however, we all want to share our view. We all have one. And keeping our thoughts to ourselves, while those internal expressions just want to burst forth from your depths, will only set up disease states that in time will need to be emptied out. “Better out, than in!” is an expression I use regularly. By initiating stimulating conversations with others, you connect on a deeper level, on a soul level. That can only be refreshing for both of you.

Allow yourself to be your best normal and you give permission for others to be their best normal too. No two sunsets are ever the same; no two snowflakes are the same; and you are unique and divine, just as you are. Embrace your special brand of normal. I am….

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