My juice fast journey: Day 1

Have you seen the movie, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” with Joe Cross, the Australian juice guru in it? I watched it on the weekend and realised how much I have been giving the same advice to my clients about  how beneficial drinking juices and smoothies are for the body.
Since I moved to my new place at Red Hill, I have been having them daily as well. It certainly has made a difference to my body and overall health. My skin feels smoother, softer, cleaner. I’m eating only one meal a day, the rest is juices or smoothies (that alone has reduced my food bill). I am more flexible in my movements as my joints are looser. I have little or no pain in my joints, where before, even just the act of rolling over in bed required a concentrated effort to keep the muscles relaxed because they spasmed constantly with the smallest of movement. I’m sleeping better (except on those hot, steamy nights we had recently…they were deadly) and for longer periods at a time. Before I’d wake every hour or two. I have more energy, real energy, not just energy dredged up from miraculous depth of my being to just function. Real, I-can-feel-the-life-force-within-me energy. And the liver spots on the backs of my hands are diminishing. And ladies…the cellulite on my legs is reducing….oh lordy…that is a miracle to behold right there….
In the movie I watched, Joe Cross did a 60day juice fast. That’s right!! Fruit and veg juices for 60days. The change within him was quite astonishing. A fellow he met along the way, did the same 60day juice fast and he too had amazing results.
These two experiences started me thinking about my own health journey that I’m currently on. In 12days, I will be undergoing cataract surgery for one of my eyes, then in March, the second will be done. I figured that if these two men could have such dramatic results in a short period of time (even after 10days on the juice fast there was significant changes), then maybe that could happen for me too. My body and health would be in the best possible condition for the surgery if I were also to go on a juice fast.
So with that thought and intention in mind, I will go on a 12day juice fast from today (Thursday 16th Feb) till at least the 28th Feb when I have my first surgery. Depending on the date of the second surgery, I may extend the fast for that also. I’ll see….pardon the irony….
I will blog about my journey on this fast. I know that it is only a juice fast and really that’s not all that exciting to write about. I have been contemplating this decision over the last few days, and already my “stuff” is coming up for me. “What if I cannot continue for the whole 12days?” “Will I consider myself a failure if I get hungry and want to sink my teeth into solid food?” “Can I actually commit to writing everyday about something as boring as a juice fast and it’s effects on my physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic body?” “Will there be enough information about this subject to write about me so intimately?” Just a few questions that have surfaced so far for me. I have answered, “So what? No. Yes and Yes” to all of them, though that could be me putting on a brave face too. And the last question that I still have no answer for is, “What is causing me to get so uptight about doing a juice fast?” It’s not like I’m running a marathon or preparing for space travel. Yet, the reply remains silent. Maybe throughout these couple of weeks, I’ll come to an enlightened realisation about myself. I certainly am looking forward to that.
On my blog site, I have posted pictures of myself with extra info about how my body is dealing with the fast. It’s also a great incentive for me to see the changes taking place from a visual and measured point of view.
So, today…Day 1…mean green juice, tropi-kale juice and cabala juice; and lots of them throughout the day. About 1litre each they come to. You can find these recipes on my blog site ( I do vary them to taste. I’m not one for bitter-tasting juices, so I will put an extra apple in the mix to sweeten them a little.
I am very happy to receive recipes for juices that you have tried and liked. I will make these up too (if I have the ingredients available).
For more information, check this link:
Here’s to your good health….and mine….cheers…Eleni x

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  1. Hey Eleni, Good luck on your juice fast! I look forward to reading about your journey. Sometimes a juice fast can be anything but boring, as it can spark some emotional stuff to come up to be purged as well. Usually it is associated with stuff that happened that many years ago. That is, if you have emotional stuff come up on say Day 5, then you can look back at 5 years ago and see what was happening at that time etc. Jason Vale and Tyler Tolman have some great Juice recipes on their sites also.

  2. Thanks for that Kimmee. I’ve already had emotional stuff coming up, though let it go as part of the detoxing that’s going on. I’ll be more aware of it from now on. I’ll have a look at Jason and Tyler’s sites also. xxxx

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